The Lost & Found Mike Shaw Memorial Scholarship

To honor the passing of Mike Shaw in 2018, the SBTS is offering a scholarship entry for a young rider to participate in the challenging Lost & Found 100 mile Gravel Grinder.  The scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria created in collaboration with his widow;

  • Must be under the age of 23 years old.
  • Submit a short essay (<350 words) ‘What have you done to encourage youth bike racing in your region?’
  • Be physically fit and prepared for a challenging 100 mile gravel ride in a remote location.

Entries must be submitted by May 1st, 2019.  The winner will be decided based on content and writing style.  Judges will include The Angry Single Speeder, Uncle Coz, Kyla Pascucci, and Dr Rob – and will be announced May 10th.

We look forward to hearing what you’ve all been doing to support youth riding in your local communities and beyond!!

Send your entries to Kyla:

Mike Shaw at the Lost and Found